Philip F. Palmedo has had a diversified career as a physicist, art critic, and author. His writings on art have included articles in journals, catalog essays, and several books on modern sculpture. In his four monographs on individual sculptors, Mr. Palmedo has explored the relationship between artists’ lives and their work. He has used those individual histories to understand the creative process and the nature of sculpture as an art form. One reviewer wrote of his most recent book, The Experience of Modern Sculpture, that it enables “both novice and experienced viewers of three-dimensional art to enrich their experience and deepen the joys of their perceptions.” That describes well the objective of his writing. 

Bill Barrett; Evolution of a Sculptor

Hudson Hills Press, 2003

         Bill Barrett is a prominent member of the second generation of American metal sculptors.  This lavishly illustrated monograph describes the evolution of Barrett’s work in the context of his personal experiences, the modernist tradition, and the turbulent artistic world of which he was a part. A central theme of that evolution was a search for a synthesis between the free expressive gesture, and the craft of welding sheets of metal. When Barrett accomplished that reconciliation he created some of the most lyrical and commanding sculptures of our time.

“I often fade out on books like this pretty quickly because they’re so filled with jargon and academese, but [Palmedo’s] reads like a dream. It’s informative, lucid and opens up the work beautifully in terms of both technique and intention.”

Alan Brody, Associate Provost for the Arts, MIT 


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