Philip F. Palmedo has had a diversified career as a physicist, art critic, and author. His writings on art have included articles in journals, catalog essays, and several books on modern sculpture. In his four monographs on individual sculptors, Mr. Palmedo has explored the relationship between artists’ lives and their work. He has used those individual histories to understand the creative process and the nature of sculpture as an art form. One reviewer wrote of his most recent book, The Experience of Modern Sculpture, that it enables “both novice and experienced viewers of three-dimensional art to enrich their experience and deepen the joys of their perceptions.” That describes well the objective of his writing. 


A Guide to Enjoying Works of the Past 100 Years

Schiffer Publishing, 2015

        The Experience of Modern Sculpture leads us to understand, and take pleasure in, the sculpture of the 20th and 21st centuries. It helps us see the different facets of modernism: the evolution of the figure, abstraction, land art, the new materials used in sculpture, and more. It shows us how modern sculpture has fascinating links to ancient art, to science, and to the world around us. Using more than 100 examples by artists ranging from Warhol and Picasso to Oldenburg, Chicago, and Hesse, the guide focuses on how these pieces of art communicate. This new approach brings fresh insights to an important area of art, and it deepens the pleasure we can get from the last hundred years of sculptural creativity.

"Philip Palmedo’s sumptuously illustrated guide to Modern Sculpture celebrates both the well known and the little known works of men and women across a range of cultures and sensibilities. The joy of this book is its combination of erudition and sensitivity woven together in a language that avoids the traps of jargon without being simplistic or urbane.  Instead, what comes across is Palmedo’s love of sculpture – its materials, textures, colors, scale, but most of all its ability to evoke wonder and contemplation."  

John Lutterbie, Chair, Department of Art, Stony Brook University, New York


The Experience of Modern Sculpture, A Guide to Enjoying Works of the Past 100 Years can be purchased from Amazon or from Schiffer Publishing