Philip F. Palmedo has had a diversified career as a physicist, art critic, and author. His writings on art have included articles in journals, catalog essays, and several books on modern sculpture. In his four monographs on individual sculptors, Mr. Palmedo has explored the relationship between artists’ lives and their work. He has used those individual histories to understand the creative process and the nature of sculpture as an art form. One reviewer wrote of his most recent book, The Experience of Modern Sculpture, that it enables “both novice and experienced viewers of three-dimensional art to enrich their experience and deepen the joys of their perceptions.” That describes well the objective of his writing. 


Roland Palmedo: A Life of Adventure and Enterprise

Peter E. Randall Publisher, 2017

        America was transformed after the First World War by technology and economic growth, creating a climate for a new kind of pioneer. Roland Palmedo was a dashing example.  He brought a creative, entrepreneurial spirit to the early days of aviation and organized skiing in this country.  A World War I pilot, he directed his unbounded energies to the creation of the first U.S. airlines, to building the first chairlift at Stowe, and creating the Mad River Glen ski area.  An early and active environmentalist, Palmedo also organized the first U.S. women’s ski team, created the Amateur Ski Club of New York, initiated the National Ski Patrol, and brought kayak racing to this country.

“A reckoning of Roland Palmedo’s wide-ranging accomplishments in skiing is long overdue.  His record as discoverer of Stowe, advocate for American ski patrols, and founder of Mad River Glen is well-told in this readable and compelling account.  Palmedo’s zest for adventures in nature, relish for community, meticulousness, and sheer capacity for organizing the like-minded have left a durable imprint on skiing.

Jeff Leich, Executive Director, New England Ski Museum

“Philip Palmedo’s book will re-calibrate your definition of ‘larger-than-life’ Fast water, deep snow, and clear skies provide the backdrop for a primer on how to accomplish any goal and get it right the first time.”

Rick Hamlin, Chair, Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

Winner of the 2017 ULLR Award from the International Skiing History Association

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