Philip F. Palmedo has had a diversified career as a physicist, art critic, and author. His writings on art have included articles in journals, catalog essays, and several books on modern sculpture. In his four monographs on individual sculptors, Mr. Palmedo has explored the relationship between artists’ lives and their work. He has used those individual histories to understand the creative process and the nature of sculpture as an art form. One reviewer wrote of his most recent book, The Experience of Modern Sculpture, that it enables “both novice and experienced viewers of three-dimensional art to enrich their experience and deepen the joys of their perceptions.” That describes well the objective of his writing. 

Voices in Bronze

Photographs by Eliza Hicks

Rutledge Books, 1998

        Voices in Bronze tells the story of Richard McDermott Miller's creation of a major figurative sculpture. We watch as Miller creates his first wax sketches; we learn about his inspirations and his artistic philosophy; we listen in on his conversations with his three models and we learn how they feel about their roles. We then accompany the full-sizes clay sculptures to the foundry where, through a combination of art, alchemy, and centuries-old craft, they are transformed into the final bronze. Throughout, Eliza Hicks's sensitive photographs graciously complement Palmedo's lucid prose.

         Martin Heiddeger wrote that a thing's essence is the manner in which it comes into being,  "the generative power that makes it what it is."  In detailing that generative power for a major work of contemporary sculpture, Voices in Bronze gives us an insight into the nature of sculpture itself. 

“… this is almost as exciting as living inside an artist’s mind. With superior artistry by Ms. Hicks, and elegant prose by Mr. Palmedo, we are, at once, voyeurs and participants on this journey towards completion of the Triad.”

Susan Bridson, The Three Village Herald 


Out of print; available from the author